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Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey

SKU: 0004

Perhaps the darkest honey made in North America.  Rich yet mild with hints of molasses.

  • 2020 Buckwheat honey

    In August, depending on the weather, a period called the "dearth" occurs where there isn't a lot blooming for bees to forage.  This year I planted 1 1/2 acres of buckwheat on the 5th of July so it was blooming exactly when the bees needed it.  I was able to get around 5 gallons of it from them and will say it is my favorite.  


    Honey is heavy and costs around $12-$15 just for shipping.  Your best bet is to pick it up at the farm.  I am happy to ship it at cost if you wish.

12 Ounces
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