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Flour - True Whole Wheat ground to order

Flour - True Whole Wheat ground to order

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We plant, harvest, clean, dry and grind this wheat all on our farm in Nazareth, PA without the use of any herbicides or pesticides.  We only use the  sun, soil and rain that God gives us.


Because this is truly whole wheat, it still has the wheat germ in it.  That’s where up to 70% of the nutrition in grain comes from!


You can't buy wheat like this at your local grocery store because "whole wheat" sold in stores has the germ removed to enable long-term, unrefrigerated storage.   


Because our flour retains the germ, it needs to be stored cold, either in your refrigerator for up to 1 month or in your freezer for up to six months.  That's why we don't grind it into flour until we're ready to deliver it to you.  It makes the absolute best pancakes, cookies and biscuits. 


Because it has 35% less gluten than "modern" flour you'll need to have gluten added if you want to make bread with it.  Here's a link to purchase wheat gluten if you’d like.



    We grow this wheat on our farm following organic growing principles.  We use untreated seed, harvest with antique combine equipment and double clean the grain with a 100 year old seed cleaner that we can still get parts for.  100 years old and you can still get parts?! Yes, because the manufacturer is still in business and they sell the same basic technology today, just on a much bigger scale.  I've been told by one baker that our grain is the cleanest, healthiest grain he's ever seen.   While it's nice to get that feedback, we send our wheat to a laboratory for independent testing.  They agreed. This is good stuff.  


    Shipping and handling provided at cost.

2 Pounds
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