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Mild Microgreen Salad Mix

Mild Microgreen Salad Mix

SKU: 0001

Winter is here and getting your greens has never been more important.  Our Mild Microgreens Salad Mix is a great way to get a lot of fresh flavor to brighten up any meal.  With a range of microgreens like sunflower, broccoli, beet, kohlrabi and kale and baby greens like buttercrunch lettuce and a touch of arugula you'll be getting vitamins, nutrients and minerals that will make you feel great!


    Freshly harvested microgreens mixed with some baby greens that really deliver a fresh flavor that you'll want to use in sandwiches, salads and as a tasty, healthy garnish that will make your friends, your family and you sit up and take notice.

  • Where to buy

    This can be picked up at the stand at the farm or delivered contact-free to your front door.

4 Ounces
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Endless Mild Mix
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$8.99every week until canceled
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