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Micro Greens

Um, what are Microgreens and...

why will I love eating them?  

Microgreens will add color, texture and taste to your plates for any meal, and show the people that you're cooking for that you are a rockstar in the kitchen and the host or hostess with the most or mostess.  Loaded with nutrients, Microgreens add concentrated flavors, colors and up to 40x more nutrients than their adult counterparts. nutrients including antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body.   Now that's some strong motivation to make microgreens a significant part of your diet.

Meet Our Mascot for the 2nd Year, 

Rusty the Silkie Rooster. 

This is Rusty.  Rusty is Silky bantam rooster.  He weighs in at around just 2 pounds when other roosters tip the scales sometimes as much as 5-7 lbs.  He is the first bird out the door every day and puts on a tough guy act every time, dropping his wings down low and stomping his little chicken feet as he approaches us sideways.  It's pretty comical.
Rusty takes his job of defending the hens very seriously and somehow managed to survive a Red Tailed hawk attack.  He's fiesty but not nasty.  He actually seems to like getting picked up even though he plays hard to get.  So, Rusty is our favorite rooster on a farm where roosters don't usually stick around for very long.  We think he's a keeper.

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